Alamaailman Vasarat - Maahan

As it says on the band's website, "Alamaailman Vasarat is a Finnish group playing fictional world music". This is the band's 4th album and it's another album of musical surprises with strange heavy touches. Their sound is sort of an odd combination of hyper-charged klezmer/polka performed with metallic ferocity and with a slightly sinister air ala Univers Zero's 1313 with great fuzz-cello work imitating electric guitars. Jarno Sarkula - saxes, clarinets & other woodwinds, Erno Haukkala - trombone, tuba, piccolo trombone, Miikka Huttunen - pump organ, grand piano, keyboards, Tuukka Helminen - cello, Marko Manninen - cello, Teemu Hänninen - drums, percussion.
  • LabelSilence
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