Skeleton Crew - Free Dirt (Live) 2 x CDs

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This is very great to see; Skeleton Crew went through a number of permutations in their four years of existence (1982-1986) and this collection of unreleased live recordings shows us all aspects of this great band; I saw them three times and they were always hugely entertaining!

“Skeleton Crew was founded in the early 1980s by Fred Frith and Tom Cora. The original idea was to create a new group out of the ashes of Massacre, but medical issues of several potential members saw Frith & Cora end up as a duo.
They started experimenting with what they could achieve by themselves and invited Dave Newhouse of The Muffins to join them. After a eventful joint tour of Europe with the two trios of Skeleton Crew and V-Effekt, Dave left the band.
They then recorded the fantastic debut album Learn to Talk and went out on tour again (on tour was how this band spent the majority of its lifetime).
Now joined by Zeena Parkins, the band recorded their second and last album, The Country of Blind.s Fred Frith remembers the days of touring as very low-key affairs with incredibly exciting results, saying the songs they played sounded very differrent every single night, such was the energy that was created by the band on stage.
Everybody who has seen them perform will agree that Skeleton Crew on stage was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
After several years of searching for recordings, mixing and mastering, and held up by the global pandemic, we are proud to finally offer you this double CD of live recordings, including songs that never ended up on any of their albums.”
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