Fren - Where Do you Want Ghosts To Reside CD

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Oskar Cenkier - pianos, organs, synthesizers, mellotron
Michal Chalota - guitars
Andrew Shamanov - bass guitars, synthesizers
Oleksii Fedoriv - drums

This is the first release by an instrumental symphonic rock band from Poland.

“Well, this is the debut of a very promising band coming from Kraków, Poland. 'Where Do You Want Ghosts To Reside' will fullfil the expectations of many prog connoisseurs, I'm sure. Maybe in the vein of fellow countrymen Riverside somehow, when they dared to appear on the scene. I predominantly mean concerning the high level of composition, the implementation and, yeah, the spirit too of course. Rather than the music style, which is quite different, and definitely unique, while more eclectic in general. As an example par excellence just let me highlight the extended Pleonasm. This elaborated piece is meandering like an atmospheric suite. Where they are including jazzy parts and classical hints with ease here. It flows relaxed and matured, fine work!
The instrumental songs were developed by all band members, and this fruitful collaboration results in rather keyboard driven songs, this due to Oskar Cenkier's piano, organ, synths ... and really wonderful mellotron input on top. Beside that sensation the other band members obviously are delivering a great job too, otherwise this would not appeal that much. I also want to emphasize the mellow Goraca Linia which again showcases some lovely piano lines. The closing Time To Take Stones Away then comes multi-varied, with a complex nature and enchanting guitar solo. But yet all the songs are worth it, you should know. Prog fans, take the chance, don't miss that!”-progarchives
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