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This is the latest, vinyl-only release by the UK trio featuring Andrew Prestridge and Andy and Matt Thompson. The group uses all analog keyboard (synths, mellotrons, etc), bass, guitar and drums. The band are obviously influenced by darker progressive rock soundtracks from the 70s, most notably Goblin and have a similar feel/are also influenced by other more modern bands in that vein/influenced by that vein, such as Zombi, Morte Macabre and Guapo....

...Some of you will immediately recognize Matt Thompson as one of the co-founders of Guapo and a member of the group during which time they made "Five Suns" and "Black Oni" and *I* remember the band telling me how they were lucky to get a mellotron to use on these recordings from Matt's brother, who was a keyboardist with a huge stack of great, old-style gear. Well, here is Matt in his new band with his brother and his brothers huge stack of gear! All of their releases are really great fun.

"London based Zoltan capture the eerie spine-chiiling terror of the decomposed ghoulish Knights Templar with this four track EP, by paying homage to the Tombs of the Blind Dead series of movies created by Spanish director Amando D�Ossorio.

Each track relates to one of the four movies from this cult underground series, which are regarded by many as absolute highlights of the Euro Horror underground horror scene of the early 70�s. Slow motion doomed imagery comes to life in full analogue glory, making this a must for any dark minded music lovers and soundtrack collectors out there."
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