Magma - Mythes Et Legendes: Epok V DVD

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Magma has basically made the wonderful Parisian club "Le Triton" their home for multi-date residencies.

In addition to it being a great, small club with terrific sound, they have built in professional audio and video recording facilities!

From June 30-July 2, 2011, the current version of the group was there performing their current repertoire, including their latest release Félicité Thösz as well as the not-yet released Slag Tanz, in addition to Attahk (Retrovision), Riah Sahiltaahk, Dondaï and Maahnt.

The total time of the performances is over an hour and 3/4ths.

The band is:
Stella Vander: vocals, percussion
Isabelle Feuillebois: vocals percussion
Hervé Aknin: vocal, percussion
James MacGaw: guitar
Benoit Zlziary: vibes
Bruno Ruder: Fender Rhodes
Philippe Bussonnet: bass
Christian Vander: drums, vocals

As I said, this is the current version of the group, and this is the group I saw the last time I saw them perform (in DC at Sonic Circuits). Some Magma fanboy observations: The addition of vibes instead of a second Rhodes is an inspired move. Every performance or time I see him perform, I can't believe how great Philippe Bussonnet is, but he's just better every time; it's kind of shocking how casually awesome he is. James is also amazing and Bruno plays great. The two things I guess I noticed the most on this one is that Stella does some really amazing vocalizing - she's really great, even if she isn't usually up front and center, and secondly there is quite a lot of material from Attahk, which isn't one of my favorites, but as performed here, I found it quite revelatory.

Oh, yeah, that drummer of theirs isn't half bad either.... [grin]

If you've seen them, you know you need this and if you've never seen them, then you must have this. Highly recommended!
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