Mats/Morgan - Radio Da Da/The Teenage Tapes 2 x CDs

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"All of our albums are special because they are personal to me, and the material on Teenage Tapes is personal because it contains some of the first recordings me and Mats did, at all, and it contains the first TV show that we it’s like an old baby, you can say.” – Morgan Ågren.

Swedish duo Mats/Morgan create their own sphere in the transcontinental music scene, a zone wherein progressive rock, jazz-rock fusion, experimental rock, electronica, and progressive pop overlap and intertwine.

The double set Radio Da Da/The Teenage Tapes compiles Mats/Morgan’s earliest works. This compendium captures Mats/Morgan to some extent in embryonic phases, yet there’s nothing tentative or unfinished about its contents; remember that during this period, these two very young musicians were asked to join Frank Zappa's touring band and we all know what sort of musicianship and musical poise FZ demanded!

The genre-defying breadth of styles, bracing ideas, and high level of musicianship will appeal to fans of experimental rock.

Radio Da Da was Mats and Morgan's third album, originally released in 1998. It finds the duo performing nearly all instruments and vocals,augmented by two extra tracks. The Teenage Tapes, their fourth release, compiled the duo’s earliest works, including home and DIY recordings from as early as 1981, the year they met.

Combining humor and virtuosity, the work of Mats/Morgan takes the listener through melodic landscapes rarely visited by what hipsters perceive as 'avant-garde' and then onto wherever their muse leads them. Their music is a combination of atonalities deriving from the avant-garde, jazz fusion, the soulful grooves of Earth, Wind and Fire, the melodicism of Stevie Wonder and the complexity and humor of Frank Zappa.

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