Museo Rosenbach - Barbarica

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Museo Rosenbach are one of the very top tier of the 'one and done' 'Rock Progressivo Italian' bands of the 70s, releasing a dark, sinister classic. Now, 40 years (!) after their first, classic release Zarathustra, they return with a new studio album featuring 3 original members and all new compositions! Appearing here are: Stefano " Lupo" Galifi-lead vocals; Alberto Moren-bass, mellotron; Giancarlo Golzi-drums; Sandro Libra-guitar; Max Borelli-guitar, vocals; Fabio Meggetto-keyboards. "The latest in a trend of classic RPI bands reuniting for one more round, Museo Rosenbach join the ranks of Alphataurus, Locanda Delle Fate, and Garybaldi with new releases in the last year. Of those, only Alphataurus has offered a new studio recording, which Barbarica easily tops in both originality and authenticity. Original Museo members "Lupo" Galifi, Giancarlo Golzi, and Alberto Moreno are again joined by guitarists Sandro Libra and Max Borelli, bassist Andy Senis, and keyboard player Fabio Meggetto as on the Zarathustra Live in Studio album. These new recruits are able to achieve the rarely possible task of breathing new life into an old band while maintaining that group's original sensibility. Barbarica actually sounds like Museo Rosenbach, which is amazing considering the amount of time passed and changes in the musical landscape..."-progarchives

You can hear one of the epics from the album here!

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