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“Did Swans Ever See God? is the fourth studio album by Submarine Silence (Side Project of the founding members of 'Moongarden', Cristiano Roversi, keyboards and David Cremoni, guitars) which reconfirms Guillermo Gonzales on vocals and, indispensable and very welcome guest, Valerio Michetti, otherwise drummer of ' Oblique Grace '.
Absent from the scene since 2016 (Journey through Mine, Ma.Ra.Cash Records), they return to delight us with an album that continues the long journey that began in 2001 with the homonymous 'Submarine Silence'.
The band finds itself once again wandering between the typical sounds of the Symphonic Progressive Rock of clear Anglo-Saxon matrix, confirming the predilection for the exploration and reinterpretation of musical scenarios created in the 70s by the great masters dear to all of us (Genesis, Yes , King Crimson, Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips, Camel), supported by original Mellotron and hammond sounds, a la Tony Banks.
It is impressive how the group knows, apparently with nonchalance, to go from riffs that refer to 'Nursery Crime' by Genesis (as in Undone) or to complex intertwining (counterpoints) almost exclusive property of the great IQs of the early 80s (Deeper kind of Cumber) .
The result is a full, complete, balanced and expertly refined sound thanks also to the use of almost perfect arrangements, edited by Cristiano Roversi himself, and to guitar solos, indifferently by six or twelve strings caressed by the hands of David Cremoni, which closely resemble the great Michael Holmes (IQ) in solos, scattered here and there, some of which (Echoes Of Silence II The Answer) are true masterpieces.
Do not miss the canonical and perfect ballad of Altereffect, where a generous Davide Marani lends himself with his warm solo voice.
Other precious guests who contributed to the creation of the album are Manuela Milanese, to the voice and to the choirs and Alberto Zanetti, in the duet with maestro David Cremoni in 'A Deeper Kind Of Cumber'.”
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