Balletto di Bronzo - The Official Bootleg

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Gianni Leone – Vocals, Keyboards
Riccardo Spilli - Drums
Ivano Salvatori - Bass

Composed and arranged by Gianni Leone.
Recorded live in Rome at "L'Asino che Vola" on May the 31st 2018.

“...we have now decided to produce, the Bootleg, using the recording of our concert on 31 May, 2018 at L'Asino che Vola in Rome. Mind you: it is not “Balletto di Bronzo live”, otherwise it would have been conceived and carried out in a very different way and from the onset. In fact, we have not made any changes or corrections: everything is very real as that evening we had no intention of recording the concert...
Never mind if perhaps there are some imperfections: on the other hand, there was a great deal of energy, passion and perspiration on that stage. This “Official Bootleg” pays tribute to the actual line-up, which I consider to be the best of all of them so far, comprising, besides myself, of Riccardo Spilli on drums and Ivano Salvatori on bass. This was our second performance together.”-Gianni Leone
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