Molinari, Fernando - Built By Elements CD

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"Fernando Molinari is a fantastic bassist, hailing from Brazil. The music here is heavy, progressive, instrumental fare. It reads like really well done shred, with some fusiony touches. Lead track, Tropical Rain reminds me of Canadian stalwarts, Spaced Out, as well as having some Meshuggah heaviness in parts. Guitar duties on this tune are handled by Andre Nieri, most recently seen on the Virgil Donati tour cycle. Trouble Tones is a driving, funky number, with a jaw-dropping bass solo. Fernando whips out the thumb chops on, another one of the albums best, Cosmo Funk, which also features a drum solo from Bruno Valverde, from Angra. He is on the whole album, as both he, and guitarist Dalton Santos are in a band with Molinari called No-Metric, as yet unrecorded. Much of this material was worked out in those confines, but as Molinari composed the lion's share of it, he decided to release it as a solo recording. Risk Factor is almost Donati-esque and has probably the best soloing from both Molinari and Valverde. Clave is the most fusion based composition, with Molinari unleashing the thumb again, in a serious way."-George X/Rate Your Music
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The above description leaves out the fact that this album is astonishingly well recorded! The playing from everyone is razor sharp. Maybe not always as compositionally strong and iconic as apex FZ or Tipographica, but the intensity is very high from start to finish and if you spent more on your audio system than you did on your car this one will make grin from ear to ear.
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