Aristocrats - The Aristocrats With Primuz Chamber Orchestra CD

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“This project began when we randomly stumbled upon a YouTube video of Primuz Chamber Orchestra performing one of our songs, as reimagined by composer/arranger Wojtek Lemański. Their flawless execution of a highly challenging arrangement (which was startlingly inventive and yet remained entirely faithful to the spirit of the original composition!) inspired us to reach out and propose a collaboration. The process ultimately led to this album, which comprises nine trio performances taken from our previous studio albums, remixed by Forrester Savell and transformed by the orchestra's rendition of Wojtek's string arrangements. This approach enabled Wojtek to create orchestrations that treated many of the spontaneous, improvised elements from our original "band in a room" takes as if they had been part of the actual compositions... yielding some unique results! We're truly proud of the way this project turned out... and we're profoundly grateful that serendipity somehow brought us all together for this collaboration. Enjoy!” - THE ARISTOCRATS
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