Futterman, Joel / Steve Hirsh - Warp & Weft CD

SKU 39-CD-MAHA-021
Joel Futterman – piano
Steve Hirsh – drumset

“This is the first collaboration between Joel Futterman and Steve Hirsh.
Futterman and Hirsh struck up a conversation during the pandemic and began exchanging music. Both were inspired by the results, and decided to create the music on these CDs.
All of the music was composed in the moment, with no discussion or preconceptions. Together, Futterman and Hirsh developed the phrases, connections and resolutions of the music, always listening deeply to each other and interacting moment by moment. The result is a collection of music that is deeply heartfelt, collaborative and conversational. Listeners are invited into the conversation and encouraged to close their eyes and ride this river of deeply felt beauty.”
  • LabelMahakala Music
  • UPC195269136291
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