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“Alexandre Maraslis is a Brazilian multi-instrumentist that played in some progressive bands (Chronos Mundi, Montauk Project) and after 21 years he releases his second solo project, called Maraslis.
For this one he united a super group of progressive rock players, with Pedro Baldanza (Som Nosso de Cada Dia), Beth Dau (Hermeto Pascoal), Braulio Drumond (Di´Anno), Artur Cirio (Cold Blood), Robson Bertolossi (Octohpera e Chronos Mundi), Alex Frias (AJJA).
The tracks on the CD are meant to work as a long suite and they have all the strong aspects of intense symphonic rock, several and diverse keyboards, with Maraslis as the main pilot, intense guitar solos, female vocals, heavy bass (by late bass player of Som Nosso de Cada Dia) and acoustic guitars.
For my ears, it combines influences of Renaissance, Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, but played with the intensity and technique of heavier modern progressive rock bands.
Lots of keyboards, nice vocals, fast guitar solos, which alternate with nice harmonies and bucolic passages. The central point, however, is the work on keyboards. It has been chosen by some as among the best symphonic progressive CDs of 2021 by some sites and magazines”-Dr. Rocks)
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