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“For their large and growing fan base, the imminent arrival of a new album, particularly one that wasn’t actually expected is something joyfully anticipated but… and let’s say it… our hearts are broken because of the unexpected and tragic passing of David Longdon. Web and print media has seen a torrent of grief, expressed in many ways, telling many stories of this amazing man who was taken from us all too soon. Much has been said, and no doubt will be said… but I feel the best tribute I can give is to write about this album, titled Welcome To The Planet, which is the last one David was involved with, as the vibrant and vital piece of work that it is, rather than dwell on it as his epitaph.
And indeed, as an album, it is an absolute celebration of life! The story is simple. The Grand Tour marked the end of an era for BBT, but the band bounced back, complete with new members with the fantastic Common Ground album. The membership changes brought a number of new writers into the fold and so there was an abundance of extra material which was completely up to the high BBT standards… a plot was hatched. So what we have is 47 minutes of new music, fashioned into a coherent whole...
If you haven’t picked it up already, I’ve been blown away by Welcome To The Planet! Far from being a bonus album, this one stands proudly in the BBT catalogue, showcasing what the band does best, and bringing lots of new and interesting elements into the mix, continuing the journey that we passengers have enjoyed over the years. Like any train ride, people will board and leave the train – even real trains have a change of driver sometimes! But let it be said, the engine driver we have been missing in recent months, gave us one heck of a final trip!”-The Prog Report
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