Orchestre National De Jazz - Rituels CD

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The ONJazz is the French National Jazz Orchestra – which varies in size, but is always a big band - who have a revolving cast of artistic directors.
Since they have a revolving cast of directors, the only thing that you can count on is that they will present great players playing frighteningly good, stunningly complex music of electric jazz. That’s a pretty good and safe bet for going in blind, even if you don’t know them.

“With his second program entitled Rituals, the first repertoire of original music marking the start of his mandate at the ONJ, the artistic director wishes, in an acoustic version of the orchestra, to reveal a more organic facet in the service of writings giving pride of place to the phantasmagoria. In this orchestral setting, the voice is summoned as an instrument in its own right; the voice very first intimate vector of the human with the imaginary and the spiritual.”
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