Popol Vuh - Affenstunde (expanded)

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Nice reissue of Popol Vuh's 1st album which includes a booklet of photos and more.
This includes an excellent 10 minute bonus track that has never been heard before. This was only one of two that featured Florian on the Moog.

"Formed in 1969 and named after the Quiche Mayan Indian's bible, Popol Vuh centered around keyboardist/conceptualist/Hertzog-pal Florian Fricke. Affenstunde (aka 'The Time Of The Monkey King') was the first Popol Vuh album, originally issued in 1971. It was a forum for Fricke's early forays into Moog synthesizer explorations (he was playing one of the huge first models), with tabla accompaniment. Trancy electronic patterns emerge, in a drugged, lo-key fashion, with fine meditational qualities. The first two tracks are generated purely by Fricke's mighty Moog synthesizer, and are high up in the cosmos. 'Dream Part 5' is just percussion, whose rhythm becomes so infectious that it might eat you whole. 'Dream Part 49' is a great encompassing piece which is dense with synthesizer experimentation. Last, but by no means least, is the 18 and a half minute title track. This track is an epic. It starts with hollow percussion and a galloping Islamic rhythm, there is then a lull of synthesizers which break forth into a great Celtic mantra. A wonderful start to the band's career."
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