Anderson, Chad - Mellifluous Excursions Vol. 1 - Where You Been CD

SKU 39-CD-MAHA-033
Chad Anderson - drums
Warren Smith - vibraphone
Barry Stephenson - bass
Zoh Amba - tenor saxophone, flute

Drummer, Chad Anderson’s latest release, Mellifluous Excursions: Where You At Vol.1, transports the listener through a dynamic set of improvised compositions that weave together aural stories, soundscapes, and spoken word. The music presented on this release celebrates the high-energy, democratic spirit of improvised music, speaks to cultural and political awareness, and showcases a collective, multi-generational unity in sound. Chad Anderson is joined by world-renowned legendary percussionist, Warren Smith (NYC) on vibes, Barry Stephenson (NYC) on bass, Zoh Amba (NYC) on saxophone and flute, and Ankhitek (Washington D.C.) contributing spoken word. From soaring screams, to street swing, with corner-turning funky groove injections, the music on Mellifluous Excursions morphs and blends in the way multiple conversations might be simultaneously overheard at a family reunion. The tracks featuring the spoken word of Ankhitek fluctuate between knowledge points highlighting ancestral roots to cultural and political issues.”
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