Aquaserge - Laisse Ca Etre

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This band released one of my very favorite progressive rock albums of 2014. Here's what I know. Aquaserge are a French band who I first heard of about 7 years ago.
They have released 2 EPs (collected onto one CD) and a third release, Ce Tres Cher Serge, all of which are now out of print and hard to find now.
THeir fourth, A L'Amitie, rocked my world in 2014 and this 2017 release is their sixth (they had a very limited EP in between).
They seem to be finding an audience with their unique take on what it means to be a modern rock band with progressive rock tendencies; they are young, talented and are finding new ways to make interesting, memorable music.
The line up is keyboards, reeds (most notably bass clarinet), guitar, bass, drums and really good vocal parts.
Wonderful tunes that stick in your head for days, interesting placement of instruments on the soundstage, interesting production values, great, under-stated playing from all members.
If Hugh Hopper and Robert Wyatt had directed a follow up to Volume II with a bunch of young French musicians from 45 years later, it might have sounded like this!
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