Moebius / Neumeier / Engler - Other Places

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"Improvisation was and still is the magic word in jazz and live electronica. Transforming spontaneous ideas in real time, listening and reacting immediately to one another -- these are the signs of truly vibrant collaboration. If the musicians can also master the tightrope between artistic freedom, discipline and virtuosity, then nothing else can really go wrong. The session is destined for success. Other Places was recorded and mixed in four days. Three musicians: Dieter Moebius, Mani Neumeier and J├╝rgen Engler, and sound engineer Chris Lietz, their hearts and souls beating as one -- as they must have done for them to score a bull's eye like this. All the more remarkable, considering how different their musical backgrounds were. The unusual pulse of the music is a combination of synthetic rhythm patterns and Mani Neumeier's dexterous drumming. This interaction alone is enough to spark an almost magical, ritual atmosphere. But there is more: Moebius and Engler develop a fascinating electronic world on this rhythmic film, cacophonous on the one hand, harmonious on the other. Sonic spectra which swathe the listener in shimmering clouds and coruscating crystals. 'Our aim is to create an atmosphere,' as it says in the liner notes of the original 1996 release. And what an atmosphere! Dark, but not murky, outlandish without being weird. Other Places is a terror-free secret, an aural experience par excellence, one that melts in your mouth. Let us remind ourselves once again: this is improvised music, created in real time. Four days of genuine inspiration."-Asmus Tietchens
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