Kreidler - Tank

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"Kreidler might be on their umpteenth album now, but by the sounds of 'Tank' they have hit upon a creative streak that belies their age. In fact 'Tank' is probably their most creatively successful album to date, and it manages this (oddly enough) by looking backwards, rather than forwards. It is telling that album has appeared on Bureau B, who release mostly reissues, and while 'Tank' is far from a reissue it still manages to take a hefty dollop of influence from the very best of electronic music past. The band's Krautrock worship is still evident throughout, but this is punctuated by nods towards Italian horror soundtrack proggers Goblin, and even more interestingly the abstract disco of Neu! '1975'. In the end this reverence for tape saturated sounds past is what brings Kreidler bang up to date - to be honest I wouldn't have been surprised if a young band of fresh faced, doe eyed young guns with beards from Portland, Oregon had produced 'Tank'. There is a vigour and passion in the tracks that you often miss once a band passes album number four, and it permeates the entire record. What Kreidler bring to proceedings though is a level of expertise impossible to replicate. These guys know exactly what they're doing and to me it's just a pleasure to hear them exploring new avenues, and not only exploring but hitting the nail square on the head. Anyone who has been interested in the music scene's move towards shaky, dirty post-punk, disco and early electronic progression recently should check this without delay. Whether you've heard of Kreidler before or not, 'Tank' is a glowing neon highlight you'll not want to live without. Huge recommendation."

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