Arcane Device/David Lee Myers - Engines Of Myth

An amazingly good listening experience of music that comes from a non-musical instrument; a box that produces feedback. But not feedback in terms of horrible squeaks and squeals.

"Breaking all the loose rules of experimental electronic music, Arcane Device records the songs of circuitry: the natural, generative musings of machines turned inwards on themselves. As the first to pioneer the groundbreaking "no-input" method in 1989, sound and visual artist David Lee Myers fathered a new genre of music that is now widely copied by avante garde Japanese artists. The only difference here is that Myers sounds are gorgeous and symphonic rather than noisy and disjunctive, invoking Engines of Myth byharnessing the electro-magnetic resonance of machinery. Think "roots music" for gadgets themselves, or symphonies for electrons by electrons."
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