Assis-Brasil, Gustavo - In Concert DVD + CD

I didn't know much about Gustavo until I saw a clip of a couple of tracks from this CD/DVD set, but he's an amazing, fluid jazz/rock guitarist with a great tone. He can be amazingly fleet, although the music isn't in the Allan Holdsworth style of superfast; it's got more of a gentle feel. It's a trio of guitar, bass and drums, with a couple of guests here and there. This is top notch guitaring!

"An accomplished guitarist with a remarkably fluid linear concept and a distinctive, ultra-sophisticated harmonic sense, Boston-based Gustavo Assis-Brasil also exhibits a fully developed voice as a composer on his auspicious debut as a leader (available as a two disc set DVD-CD). Recorded on July 20, 2007 before an appreciative hometown audience in his birthplace of Santa Maria, Brazil, In Concert showcases Assis-Brasil on a set of 12 original compositions that distinguish him as a formidable new talent on the jazz scene. Accompanied by his regular working rhythm tandem of bassist José Pienasola and drummer Mauricio Zottarelli, along with special guests Nené Vianna on fretless electric bass, Bruno Tessele on drums and Julio “Chumbinho” Herrlein on guitar, Assis-Brasil unleashes considerable chops in the context of his highly appealing originals on In Concert. And while he may have absorbed the influences of such contemporary guitar heroes as Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Frank Gambale, Toninho Horta, Romero Lubambo, Pat Martino and Allan Holdsworth over the years, Gustavo has forged a very personal style by utilizing a singular hybrid picking technique which he has developed to a high art. Essentially a blend of conventional plectrum playing and classical fingerstyle technique, this hybrid picking style allows him to execute flowing legato lines and streams of flawless arpeggios at dazzling speeds. This kind of six-string virtuosity, combined with a darkly beautiful harmonic sense that imbues his tunes with a sense of mystery, instantly sets Assis-Brasil apart from the hordes of promising young jazz guitarists emerging on the scene. In Concert was produced by Gustavo and directed by his father, Sergio de Assis Brasil, who passed away at age 60 shortly after filming this DVD. “I’m really happy that we got to work together on this project and that I now have this wonderful document of that concert in my hometown. It was really a special evening.” And one that he can now share with six-string aficionados everywhere. It’s a strong first impression indeed by a promising new talent deserving of wider recognition."-Bill Milkowski
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