Rivotrill - Curva de Vento

"Rivotrill is a trio from northeast Brazil consisting of Eluizo Júnior (flute, sax and keyboards), Rafael Duarte (bass) and Lucas dos Prazeres (percussion), plus a couple of guests (Naná Vasconcelos, Maestro Spok, Renata Rosa, Fabinho Costa and Yuri Queiroga). Curva de Vento (Winded Curve) is their first CD. Instrumental music that mixes jazz, progressive rock, northeast Brazilian folk music and Brazilian rhythms, that can be described as a mix of Latin and African ones. The music is very energetic and its rich in percussion which gives it a very distinctive pulsation, simultaneously very enjoyable and complex. The use of flute drives us to Jethro Tull as their main influence of 70´s progressive rock. The CD was recorded inside a house and they explore the different environments of the house to create and record in a unique way the music; recording part of the percussion under the stairs, with bass in the backyard, etc. It brings a different and creative sound to their music. A new band playing some fresh music."

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