Asturias - Brilliant Streams CD

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Long unavailable, this is the group's second album album from 1990. Now it's available again at a reasonable price, especially for a Japanese release, as a special blu-spec CD release!

"Structurally this one follows the same path as ''Circle in the forest'', three mid-length instrumental tracks are the the first menu, giving space to the 22-min. title-track. An even more mature album compared to the previous one, ''Brilliant streams'' actually recalls the music of MINIMUM VITAL around the same period, an electrified Progressive Rock with balanced use of guitars and keyboards/piano, characterized by the superb breaks into more dreamy soundscapes, filled with melodious textures and deep atmospheres. Basic inspirations come from Progressive Rock, Electronic/Orchestral Music and a touch of New Age and Ethnic Music, thus Mr. Ohyama has been fairly compared to MIKE OLDFIELD. The compositions are never boring, containing plenty of changing climates with some lovely keyboard interludes and piano lines, while Ohyama's and Tsuda's work on electric guitars is excellent, offering a pallette of diverse colors. Lots of dramatic segments with grandiose musicianship as well as a fair dose of elegant, symphonic themes with piano, flutes, choirs and bassoon are the absolute highlights of the long epic of the album, which stands as one of the best Prog arrangements of a hard time."
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