October Equus - Presagios

Yolanda Alba Rodríguez - flute
John Falcone - bassoon
Pablo Ortega - cello
Piotr Talalay - drums
Víctor Rodríguez - keyboards
Amanda Pazos Cosse - bass
Ángel Ontalva - guitar

This, the fifth studio album by Spain’s long lived avant-progressive rock band, moves further into the realm of the ultra complex, RIO-style, avant-progressive; yes, there is a bassoon so it’s the obvious thing to say, but some of this is reminiscent of U Totem, at least in a ‘massive chops performing catchy but also ultra-complex compositions’ kinda way.
This is a great one for fans and probably an album of the year release! Highly recommended!

“Eleven new compositions in this new album by October Equus after six years passed since their last studio album. Flute, bassoon, cello and drums joined to the original nucleus composed by Ontalva/Rodriguez/Pazos for this unique collection of contemporary chamber rock showing the unmistakable sound of the Spanish avant-prog group with longer trajectory and more international projection.”
  • LabelOctober X Art
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