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Attias, Michael - Twines of Colesion

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Michaël Attias, alto saxophone / Tony Malaby, tenor and soprano saxophones / Russ Lossing, piano / John Hébert, bass / Satoshi Takeishi, drums, percussion.

"Graced individually by a list of partnerships that includes Anthony Braxton, Andrew Hill, Charlie Haden, and Paul Motian, the members of the Quintet had all played together previously in such bands as Michaël Attias’ Renku and Clinamen, the collective Change of Time, John Hébert’s Byzantine Monkey, Tony Malaby’s Quartet and Novela, and many others. Building on the core trio of Renku, Twines of Colesion gathers the entwined trajectories and prismatic contributions of these powerful and original creative musicians (Tony Malaby, Russ Lossing, John Hébert and Satoshi Takeishi) in a collective exploration of mutable form and combustible narrative. Recorded live, the performances of the eight compositions on this album were picked from a series of three concerts played in Coimbra, Portugal during the same residency at the Jazz ao Centro festival that produced Attias’ recent trio release Renku in Coimbra (Clean Feed). Notated sections flow in and out of spontaneously generated sub-groups, forms dissolve and reappear in ever renewed shapes and time-feels, transitions between the pieces become pieces in themselves. In a remarkable example of highly democratic 21st century jazz, each performance is an unique and unrepeatable journey through the written material and each player an agent of power and change in directing the dream-flow. Twines of Colesion sings the song of a very special and risky sort of molecular paradise."
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