Levin, Daniel - Bacalhau

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Daniel Levin, cello / Nate Wooley, trumpet / Matt Moran, vibraphone / Peter Bitenc, double bass.

"Daniel Levin formed his quartet in 2002. The first gig was at CBGB's in New York City and over the past 8 years, the band has covered a lot of musical territory. The band's first two records, "Don't Go It Alone" (Riti), and "Some Trees" (HatOLOGY), both recorded in 2004, show the band developing a repertoire of gestures and modes of interaction, as well as a certain kind of vocabulary within the framework of the music Levin had written that would serve the band later on in other territory. After "Blurry" (HatOLOGY) was released (recorded in 2006), Levin’s concept of the function and aesthetic of the band changed, and he needed to use other kinds of tools to help him activate the new frequencies he wanted to get at in the music. The music on "Live At Roulette" (Clean Feed 147), recorded at Roulette in 2008, was generated by an entirely different process that used no traditional musical notation, and liberated the band from being explicitly tied to specific emotional content. The intention of the music now had to do with the exploration of the structures that were given and that they discovered along the way. The music on Bacalhau combines everything the band has done previously in one expanded quartet concept: abstract free-form improvisation, deeply stirring lyricism, and modern jazz."
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