Audio'm - Godzilla CD

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Michel Cayuela : keyboards
Mathieu Havart : keyboards
Marco Fabbri : drums
Simon Segura : bass and guitar
Gary Haguenauer : guitar
Dominique « Oiss » Olmo : guitar
Emmanuelle Olmo-Cayuela : vocals

"Audio'm, with this second album, has obviously found its own path and its own musical voice, definitely imposing itself as one of the leaders of French prog"-Big Bang

Six years after their first, this modern symphonic rock group (with echos of bands like Nebelnest, Ga’an & Yeti) with a vocalist icely reminiscent of Nico return with a huge project, of which this is the first part of three!

“6 years after the release of their eponymous album, Audio'm returns with a huge project, the first part of a prog opera in three acts.
“Godzilla" comes in the form of a single 43-minute piece during which the band unfolds a complex music forged in the crucible of 70s progressive rock, jazz and baroque music.
Originally composed of 9 musicians, the group has grown closer in order to take a more frank and ambitious musical direction.”
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