Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Live In Mexico City 2 x CDs

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This is a reissue of “En Concierto Mexico”, featuring the band’s performance of 5/28/99 with a different cover. It’s a great show, but we don’t want you to buy it again if you already own it!

“It is, probably, the best Banco live recording. The sound is perfect, the selection of songs reflects well both band's past and present (to date) material. Only the album "Nudo Live" presents equal sound quality.
Even tracks from the album "Il 13" ("Brivido", "Sirène", "Bisbigli") sound well in the context of this concert. So here we have a journey through Banco's long musical career - from early songs ("R.I.P", "L'evoluzione" etc) and 80's pop-period ("Moby Dick" and "Lontano da") to the band's latest studio album "Il 13" (what's a pity they haven't released new material since then).
Musicianship is superb, the voice of signore Di Giacomo sounds as if there were no 27 years behind his shoulders, when all these things only started, the energy of the band explodes, leaving, at times, the place to the most delicate passages, and music takes the listener to some another world.
Gentle (just listen to "E mi viene da pensare") and explosive at the same time, this album shows all possible sides of Banco: catchy melodies, gorgeous epics and the perfect feel of the beauty in every song. A must for Banco fans, a good starting point for newcomers and, in any case, very good addition to your prog collection. 5 stars.”-progarchives
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