Lanzetti, Bernardo - Forty Years Of Voice Impossible CD + DVD

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"In the spring of 1973, Bernardo Lanzetti , along with the group Acqua Fragile, recorded their first, self-titled album , which gave way to a brilliant and commendable career of one of the the main Italian voices of progressive rock.

To celebrate forty years of music and vocals, since that time, a special concert was organized called "Vox 40", which took place May 28, 2013 at the Teatro al Parco di Parma.

At this concert, the long career of Bernardo Lanzetti was traced and presented, with many guests and friends who wanted to show their presence and musical friendship with the skill of Bernardo. One of the most unusual was "Acqua Fragile for Orchestra" - a reinterpretation of the music of Acqua Fragile as performed by the "Tango Spleen ", the small orchestra led by modern classical pianist and conductor Mariano Hope, who usually specialize in Argentine tangos, but who here proved very progressive in their sound. Also benefiting this presentation was the particpation of Franz Dondi and Piero Canavera , original members of the legendary Acqua Fragile.

Also presented at the concert was the entire album "Chocolate Kings", originally recorded by Premiata Forneria Marconi.

This set presents the Acqua Fragile Per Orchestra portion of the show on the CD, while the DVD contains the entire show (Aqua Fragile, Chocolate Kings and 3 'eclectic' songs."
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