Barbieri, Gato - The Third World

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Gato Barbieri : Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Roswell Rudd : Trombone
Lonnie Liston Smith : Piano
Charlie Haden : Double Bass
Beaver Harris : Drums

Christ what a band!
"This album has some of those magical cacophonous wall of noise moments, rather like what you get on Pharoah Sanders early Impulse recordings. Plus the bits that hold these cacophonous moments together are wonderfully rhythmic and melodic, so you find yourself in aural pleasure fest the whole time. The percussion is great, and Gato Barbieri’s sax is fantastically listenable, so overall this is a great album, and I’m glad it was my introduction to the world of this guy. For the personnel nuts out there, this was a Flying Dutchman release, so you’ve got Lonnie Liston Smith and Charlie Haden on here, plus it was produced by the magical hand of Bob Thiele. Overall this is a really great album, and any Pharoah Sanders fans out there will be very happy as the playing style is somewhat similar."-rateyourmusic
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