Beat Love Oracle vs Hardscore - Don’t Count On Us!

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"Don’t Count On Us!" confronts the past and the present of the Belgian composer Frank Nuyts, a complete author with a solid reputation, whose music is played all over the world. He feels at home in many genres and strives to bring a lot of variety, a lot of energy and a lot of humor to his work. As a classical composer, he has already written an impressive work.
As a contemporary composer blessed and plagued by a never ending curiosity, Frank keeps his eyes, ears and mind open to any musical discovery in any field. After all, creative excellence can be found in any music genre! But he has also really enjoyed his crossover projects. Hardscore and Beat Love Oracle are two of them.
This album, Don’t Count On Us!, includes the reissue on CD of "Who's Counting?" released on vinyl the last year, by the chamber fusion quartet Beat Love Oracle, that combines many styles into a new blend of classical/jazz/progressive music + an unreleased song that was not included in that album.
In addition, the last material that Hardscore performed, in an octet formation, of the project titled "Carbon Fixation" of which only 3 songs were recorded in the studio that appear here under the title "Carbon Fixation: Salvaged from the Ashes”. And as a culmination, a new re-recorded version of "13 Seconds" which appeared on the Hardscore album Monkey Trial"
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