Beck, Gordon - Gyroscope

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Gordon Beck - piano
Jeff Clyne - bass
Tony Oxley - drums

A great album, rescued from the mists of time almost 50 years later! First-ever reissue!

"Pianist / composer Gordon Beck, one of the true forefathers of modern British and European Jazz, has been a source of inspiration and musical joy to Jazz connoisseurs since the 1960s. His formidable technique and more importantly overwhelming musicality are completely unique and unrivaled. This, his 4th recording as a leader, deserves a special notice for many reasons. Stylistically it is somewhat atypical to Beck’s usual output, as it marks his exploration of “free form” Jazz, which was enjoying a period of unparalleled prosperity in Britain at the time this album was recorded, with momentous recordings by other British piano giants like Howard Riley, Michael Garrick, Keith Tippett and others. However, in Beck’s case the “free form” remains somewhat tamed by his immense love of melody, thus creating one of the most formidable examples of early European “free form”, which even the most conservative Jazz listener can easily savor. This is Beck’s genius, but the credit must also go to his two partners: bassist Jeff Clyne and drummer Tony Oxley. The trio plays here in complete unity, with telepathic interplay and cohesiveness. Clyne is a monster player, incredibly melodic and with a sublime sense of rhythm and Oxley is a complete genius, the most intelligent and technically proficient drummer to come out of the British Isles. This is a marvelous opportunity to hear Oxley’s work at the time he was still playing “time”, although of course in his very special way of doing so, with the “time” being felt rather that actually played, since he is all over his kit doing stuff that is not recommended to be tried at home. This album was originally released on the tiny Morgan Records (owned by the famous Morgan Recording Studios in London) and disappeared from the shelves soon after, becoming one of the British Jazz most sought after collector’s items. The reissue brings back to life a masterpiece of immense importance, which is an essential piece of the complex musical puzzle created in Britain by the end of the 1960s. I can’t imagine any serious British / European Jazz fan not having this momentous recording in their collection. Beyond essential!"-rateyourmusic
  • LabelMorgan Blue Town
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