Bill In The Tea - Big Tree (mini-lp sleeve)

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"Finally a proper CD release for this incredible record that already had gained a cult status with the band’s CD-R self-release last year. Bill in the Tea are a young and talented band from Sicily and this is basically their full-length debut record. It is mainly instrumental, showing high technical skills featuring a classic rock line-up with keyboard, guitars, bass, drums and a violinist.

Musically speaking it is an exciting and fresh blend of Italian progrock with some jazz and post rock influences always keeping a marvellous mediterranean approach to their tunes. Bands that come to mind are the more jazzy PFM (Jet Lag period), Perigeo, DFA, but also King Crimson or Happy the Man.

The excitement we felt after listening to this record for the first time is something that only happens seldomly, in our humble opinion this is one of the best releases for 2014 until today. Highly recomended!"

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