Blank Manuskript - Himmelfahrt CD

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Jakob Aistleitner - Saxophone, Flute, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Peter Baxrainer - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Manuel Schönegger - Trombone, Flute, Percussion, Vocals
Jakob Sigl - Drums, Percussion, Tape, Vocals
Dominik Wallner - Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals
Alfons Wohlmuth - Electric Bass, Flute, Vocals

I thought that this was a pretty great one over-all and this is definitely of interest to folks into the avant-progressive side of things; now I need to dig out my copy of the Dice CD...
“2020: a pandemic virus turns our lives upside down. The vulnerability of our system is now obvious and uncertainty spreads around the globe, sowing the seeds of superstition, agitation, and incitement. While in quarantine, our thoughts circle around the fundamental existential questions, and finally, confusion impairs our composure. The virus has penetrated our lives... It is the right time for psychoactive and contemplative musical enjoyment, it is time for Blank Manuskript.
With their recent release, Himmelfahrt' Blank Manuskript interweave the masterpiece ‘Death' by the Swedish 70's progressive rock band Dice with their own conceptual work on Dante's 'Divina Commedia'.
The result is a mind-blowing sonic journey through the underworld from the hellish abyss into the celestial spheres of heaven. In the accustomed quality, the Austrian ArtRock ensemble celebrates the epic breadth and invites listeners to encounter the realm beyond the short-living, superficial radio format. Anyhow, musically highly contagious!”
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