Blay Tritono - Clot 20

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A Catalan, Barcelona jazz rock band. This was their only record and was released by Zeleste. In addition this this record, they played with Música Urbana in the soundtrack of the film "Tatuaje" in 1977 (a serious rarity that you'll never hear - but now you can hear this first one! Very nice, very good jazz rock, with the sound slanted more towards the jazz than the rock; this is great stuff, but don't expect heavy Mahavishnu-esque monster power soloing. This is a nice record that fans of mid 70s jazz-rock with tinges of Spanish music will enjoy.
Eduardo Altaba (bass), Victor Ammann (keys), Quino Béjar (guitar), Eliseu Parra (drums), John Ribe (percussion), Vicenc Calvo "Morgan" (trombone), Néstor Munt (trumpet), Joan Josep Blay (sax), Laura Tapies (clarinet).
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