Bob Lazar Story - Vanquisher

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“The title track alone hints at King Crimson, Cardiacs, Camel & ELP, but rather than play spot the reference, it’s better to relax and marvel at the rapid turnover of micro riffs and melodic motifs.-Prog

" King Crimson playing a medieval minstrel tune."-DPRP

"Utterly captivating and totally bonkers."-Progradar

"A tasty cake of dribbly madness"-TheProgressiveAspect

“Purveyor of tritonal wankery, The Bob Lazar Story hail from Christchurch, NZ and offer you an oasis of ProgMathsyFusion to soothe your weary earholes. You need this.”
  • LabelBad Elephant
  • UPC660042845269
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