Bocca Della Verita - [Un]Connected CD

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Guglielmo Mariotti – Bass, synthesizer
Fabrizio Marziani – Lead & backing vocals, classical guitar, acoustic guitar
Jimmy Box – Organ, mellotron, keyboards, backing vocals
Massimo Di Paola – Piano, keyboards, backing vocals
Marco Vincini – Lead vocals (tracks 5, 8); backing vocals (4, 7, 10)
Valerio Fisik – Music director, backing vocals (7, 10)
Angelo Cappiello – Voice supervisor, backing vocals (7, 10, 11)
Roberto Bucci – Electric guitar, backing vocals (3)
Alessandro Inolti – Drums (4)
Ilaria Monteleone – Lead & backing vocals (9)
Filippo Marcheggiani – Guitar (10)

“You have to love a happy accident.
And that’s how I discovered Italian progressive rock band La Bocca Della Verità and their 2023 album [Un]connected whilst believing I was clicking a link to another album on Bandcamp, and fell in love with the album almost instantly.
It seems fate is inexorable. [Un]connected is the RPI band’s sophomore album, arriving seven years after their 2016 debut release, Avenoth. Before that they spent many years sharpening their skills performing covers of classic progressive rock music, leading up to their science fiction concept album debut.
I have not heard Avenoth (yet), but [Un]connected continues their concept album tradition by examining the role of humanity in the digital world, and how virtual existence can easily wreak havoc upon human perception and empathy. Yet it can also widen the net of human awareness, perhaps inadvertently so.
Heady stuff indeed, and this concept has been heavily mined this year with albums like Riverside’s ID.Entity and eMolecule’s The Architect, among others. [Un]connected fits in comfortably between those albums, finding its own unique voice and perspective to raise questions regarding how the digital retina of the mind’s eye slowly transmogrifies the totality of human perception. And it does so in a package replete with some of the catchiest prog hooks and engaging dramatic (although occasionally melodramatic) storytelling.”-millstreampark
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