Blacksmith Tales - The Dark Presence CD

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Michele Guaitoli - vocals
Beatrice Demori - vocals
Stefano Debiaso - drums
Denis Canciani - bass
Marco Falanga - electric guitars, acoustic guitars
Luca Zanon - keyboards, flute
David Del Fabro - backing vocals, piano, keyboards, duduk

“The Dark Presence is a concept album that describes a journey narrated through symbols and images from ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages, always great passions of David Del Fabro.
“The roots of the Blacksmith Tales project were born in the 90s when I had already written to piano the foundations of almost all the pieces that make up the concept and most of the lyrics inspired by the numerous readings of that period”, says David Del Fabro.
For some time the musician plays in cover groups of Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Gentle Giant ... and at the same time he begins to rehearse the pieces of what will become the album The Dark Presence.”
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