Botello, Margarita / José Luis Fernández Ledesma - Un Dia Vi Cuarenta y Tres Atardeceres CD

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“The genius chamber/symphonic keyboardist of SAENA and NIRGAL VALLIS, José Luis Fernández Ledesma, and Margherita Botello, a female singer/multi-instrumentalist who has been performing for a long time (also participating in SAENA).
Including Ledesma's guitar, the two perform multi-performance/overdubbing, from minimal + ethnic synth reminiscent of Franco Battiato's 3rd, to ambient/symphony and rhythmic chamber, very attractive content. An imaginary masterpiece with impressive ethnic and magical vocalizations and accordions!”
“The blend among acoustic and electronic elements has always been a trademark in the music of José Luis Fernández Ledesma. In this record he goes back to the approach he once felt for the synthesizers by including a generous amount of them, mixing it with voices, pianos and many other instruments that add colour and textures, including elements like loops and delays.
The title refers to a phrase taken from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book The Little Prince, nevertheless, there’s not a single connection with the actual text; in other words, this sentence trigged his imagination and found it wonderfully evocative and, of course, appropriate for the spirit of this album.
This is a work of contrast; mature and fresh; in which the adventurous listener will find a place to enjoy this outstanding recording.”
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