Sun Ra - Ra To The Rescue CD (expanded)

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“One of the rarer albums in the Sun Ra canon, RTTR originally entered our orbit in 1983, mystifying listeners and confounding Ra fanatics with the minimal info on the Saturn pressing.
Recorded at several locations over several years (including legendary avant-garde arts enclave, the Squat Theater in NYC), the tracks here include everything from Ra’s sci-fi synthesizer insanity, Marshall Allen’s skronking sax, an excellent Arkestra vocal track “They Plan To Leave,” and so much more. Available on CD for the first time!”
  • LabelModern Harmonic
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Well...I thought there was no more I'd not heard of worth in Sun Ra's catalog....I sure was wrong! This 1980's release might be a good starter album for newcomers? It's got a taste of many different angles in Ra's bag of tricks, even some straight blues piano (that might shut the mouths of those who say he couldn't play piano well?). Yes, it's sort of fragmentary going here and there in style....but it's a pretty satisfying collection. I just wonder what was on the different pressings? Did Sun Ra make some versions avant and others more straight ahead? Nothing in the liners about what other "versions" included...but this has everything from all variations.
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