Fripp, Robert - Let The Power Fall (expanded) CD

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“This 2021 re-release contains three extra tracks, and is available on CD for the first time in decades. Let The Power Fall is the only full album of Frippertronics released during the original vinyl era and within two years of the original tour of shops/offices/restaurants et al that acted as venues for the concerts.”

“Let The Power Fall" is an experimental piece of work from King Crimson guitarist and founder Robert Fripp. The album is essentially a collection of six live improvised pieces performed solo on guitar using a method called "Frippertronics". Basically, Frippertronics is a delay system utilizing two tape machines in which the guitar's input signal is looped indefinitely creating repeated masses of sound. On no other Robert Fripp album is this method displayed at its fullest potential (his collaboration with Brian Eno "No Pussyfooting" comes close though).
Each piece begins with a series of staccato notes which build and loop onto each other until it becomes rich with sound and color. The end result is quite stunning and beautiful. The entire album basically can been heard as one piece because there is little change throughout its 52-minute total running time. The principle behind each piece is the same only with different notes and variations.
Granted, "Let The Power Fall" may be boring to some. However, the album still is great piece of work from one of rock music's all-time great eccentrics.
Robert Fripp would later expand on his Frippertronic ideas with Soundscapes using the same looping principles but utilizing MIDI-technology, digital delays and guitar-synthesizers instead of analog tape machines. Soundscapes are still an intregal part of Robert's guitar playing today.
"Let the Power Fall" is an album of surreal beauty and innovation. It's an essential title for Fripp and King Crimson afficianados, a curious and satisfying listen for everyone else.”-Louie Borland
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