Bowie, David - The 1980 Floorshow

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"The idea for the show came when Bowie was approached by Burt Sugarman to create something for The Midnight Special rock series. Bowie's idea was a highly theatrical cabaret extravaganza featuring him and various rock groups and artists, performing in a futuristic setting. Michael Lipman, a Los Angeles lawyer specialising in the music industry, set up the deal in which Bowie was to have complete artistic control.
When news of the forthcoming event became public, British newspapers cried that the Americans had netted the "pop scoop of the year" and bemoaned the fact that no clips were to be made available for UK TV. The result was edited down to fit the one-hour rock series slot and was shown on American NBC-TV on 16th November 1973. Apart from a short segment used on Top Of The Pops, it has never been fully screened in the UK, while still being regularly shown on US TV.
Filming at the Marquee was carried out on the 18th, 19th and 20th October, with Bowie personally choosing the setting for the show, after first considering the possibility of a full-scale live concert (rejected by the NBC as too expensive).
Admission to the gig was by invitation only and those who attended included 200 democratically selected (by ballot) members of the newly formed International David Bowie Fan Club, rock luminaries, staff and patrons of The Marquee and selected musical press - all keen on seeing Ziggy rise from the grave to perform one last time."
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