Brainticket - Zürich / Laussane 2 x CDs

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Very good quality, previously unheard live recordings for the time period from Zurich, Switzerland on 2/4/193 and Lausanne, Switzerland 10/20/84.
"...In 1980 Brainticket was revived with Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Willy Seefeldt and Hans Deyssenroth, and one year later Joel and I formed a duo. We tried to bridge the gap between jazz improvisation and electronic music with an array of acoustic instruments, synthesizers and drum machines. And there was Hans Deyssenroth, who had in the meanwhile created sensational improvising music software, implemented in small computer boards. So it was only a small step to couple our duo with Hans and Willy in 1983. We gave our first concert as a quartet during a symposium „Computer und Musik“, some more followed during the next year. And our duo also survived until 1986.
In 2013 I got a strange email from a Tom Schneeberger in Berne. He had to clear an old film archive, and found some old multitrack tapes, one with the label „Spoerri, Lausanne 1984“. Was I interested? Of course! In 1984 I had played a concert at the „Musikmesse“ (Music Fair) in Lausanne together with Joel Vandroogenbroeck and percussionist Markus Fürst. It was the year of the introduction of MIDI, and I was invited as representant of the recently founded „Swiss Center for Computer Music“ to speak and demonstrate the first sequencer programs for the Commodore 64. We had no idea, that our concert was recorded by the mobile studio of Jürg Heuberger. I fetched the tape and went to Powerplay Studios, one of the few remaining studios with a working 24-track tape machine. A first rough mix sounded interesting, but only four years later I had the courage to commission a real mix. Patrick Schwitter, one of the finest mastering engineers in Switzerland, did a great job, and so we have an interesting document of live improvised electronic music from 1984."-Bruno Spoerri, Zürich 2017
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