Radio Massacre International - Gulf (band released CDR)

In addition to their many albums, RMI have also released a number of very limited edition CDRs. The musical and sound quality of these releases is excellent; as good as their regular releases, but do remember that these are CDRs in simple, flat packaging. "Another principle of the private release series is to allow the more experimental side of the group's music to be heard. This thematically linked album typifies that approach. Alongside the travelling sequencer based movement 'Scud', there is the explosive terror of the title piece, and the evocative atmospheres of 'Desert Storm'. It is a work that the group is particularly proud of, which on reflection seemed to conjure up images of the Gulf war. We did not set out to deliberately evoke this subject matter, and it is a good example of how music can sometimes take on a meaning of it's own."
  • LabelNothern Echo
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