Radio Massacre International - A Bridge Too Far (band released CDR)

In addition to their many albums, RMI have also released a number of very limited edition CDRs. The musical and sound quality of these releases is excellent; as good as their regular releases, but do remember that these are CDRs in simple, flat packaging. " Number four in our series of private releases is our live outing at the Klemdag festival of 1997. This is an onstage recording of the set taken from our stereo camera mic. There is a directly recorded DAT from the desk, but we much prefer this version's audio verite account complete with live atmosphere and chat between band members. There are two powerful sequencer improvisations, and the brooding 'Come To Sunny Teesside' in which the hush of the audience is palpable. 'Plastered In Paris' previews the next Centaur album, which features a studio recording of the piece. A good souvenir of a great day, especially if you were there."
  • LabelNorthern Echo
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