Radio Massacre International - Maelstrom (band released CDR)

In addition to their many albums, RMI have also released a number of very limited edition CDRs. The musical and sound quality of these releases is excellent; as good as their regular releases, but do remember that these are CDRs in simple, flat packaging. "'Maelstrom' is chronologically placed directly between 'Borrowed Atoms' and 'Planets In The Wires'. Recorded over several sessions in 1999, it plays as a continuous piece (divided into two tracks for those time-poor listeners among us) and describes a maritime journey through dark and stormy waters. Long sections of brooding atmosphere are offset by layered sequences rising from the waters in the vein of Borrowed Atoms, the closing section in particular represents one of RMI's most complex arrangements yet. It is an album to hear at home with the lights out and rewards repeated listening. It took a long time to edit, as some albums do, because we wanted to get it just right."
  • LabelNorthern Echo
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