Brennan, Patricia - More Touch CD

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Marcus Gilmore drums
Mauricio Herrera percussion
Kim Cass bass
Patricia Brennan vibraphone with electronics, marimba

“Vibraphonist, marimbist, improviser and composer Patricia Brennan “has been widely feted as one of the instrument’s newer leaders.” observed The New York City Jazz Record.”

“The jazz world can get stuck in a battle between the head and the heart, but rarely do you find an improviser like Patricia Brennan, the Veracruz, Mexico-born vibraphonist, marimba player and effects maven, who skirts that dichotomy almost completely. Her music seems to exist in a realm outside the body, but stays loaded with feeling. “More Touch” is the follow-up to Brennan’s spellbinding debut, the solo LP “Maquishti” and it introduces a new quartet of advance rhythmic thinkers: the drummer Marcus Gilmore, the percussionist Mauricio Herrera and the bassist Kim Cass. They venture between dreamy swing, bobbing bolero, the Afro-Caribbean rhythms of Brennan’s hometown, and free time.”-The New York Times

“Rhythm is paramount for any vibraphonist — we’re talking about a percussion instrument, after all — but it’s rarely foregrounded with the sort of deep intention that Patricia Brennan brings to More Touch. Her second album as a leader is a jostling disquisition on groove, made with a team of aces: Kim Cass on bass, Mauricio Herrera on percussion and especially Marcus Gilmore on drums. The compositions shift easily from in-the-pocket to out-on-a-limb, and Brennan uses electronic effects as a deft enhancement to her enveloping sound.”-Nate Chinen
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