Brigman and Split, George - I Can Hear The Ants Dancin'

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Reissue of a fun, early 80's psych/wah wah guitar classic that was originally only released on cassette (we carried it in that form!) in the early 80's. "The buzz around Baltimore's George Brigman first began in the mid '70s when an 18 year-old George self-released his first LP Jungle Rot, a wicked mess of wahwah distortion and mutant blues. That LP quickly gained cult status as it was quite unlike anything else around that time. George's reputation was solidified even more with 1982's cassette I Can Hear the Ants Dancin' which due to popular demand worldwide was reissued by Or Records on vinyl in 1995. For the first time ever, all of the George Brigman and Split recordings from 1977 are assembled in one 72 minute package featuring fourteen minutes of previously unavailable material, unpublished color photos and liner notes which explain the Brigman mystique. The original Ants Dancin' is expanded by ten extra songs which fully showcase the remarkable songwriting and guitar playing of a truly unique talent who earned his cult status. Quiet, dreamy songs alternate with flat out fuzz fried rockers to create a potent web of sound like no other. It is no wonder why the buzz continues to grow around George" [Bona Fide]
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