VRIL - Effigies In Cork

Nice record by an instrumental trio of Lukas Simonis-guitar, Bob Drake-bass, Chris Cutler-drums, playing music very much in the vein of Forever Einstein, although a little less 'tricky', and closer to the roots of that style than Einstein. Nice! "VRIL is an adrenalized, poppy, rampant batch of rock guitar instrumentals. The Shadows, The Ventures, Surf music, early Hendrix are invoked, but they're all put through the intense mangle of 21st century thinking and studio trickery. It's a twangy guitar album gone mad, complete with a fascinating art-and-texts booklet which reads like a liner notes by Edgar Allen Poe. The album features three unlikely avant-garde musicians: Dutch guitarist Lukas Simonis, bass player/mastering wiz Bob Drake and famed percussionist Chris Cutler." [ReR]
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